2015-2016 Legislation

AB 158School finance: The John B. Mockler School Finance Act
The bill retitles the provisions governing state funding of California schools as the John B. Mockler School Finance Act.

AB 204Redevelopment: County of Los Angeles
This bill allows local governments in Los Angeles County to continue to control the wind-down of their redevelopment agencies.

AB 458Postsecondary education: instructional strategies
This bill will conduct a feasibility study to determine the appropriate grade level, appropriate subject area, and potential cost for a pilot program that provides electronic instructional materials for college students.

AB 531 – Southern California Joint Powers Authority
Establishes the Southern California Port Joint Powers Authority, with the power to plan, develop and implement projects and measures necessary to alleviate congestion in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

AB 552Public works contracts: damages
This bill requires public construction contracts to specify the amount of damages a contractor must pay when failing to complete a project on time.

AB 566School facilities: leasing property: construction contracts
This bill requires schools to commit to hiring a skilled workforce in order to fund projects through lease-leaseback contracts.

AB 575 – Follow-up Adoption of Instructional Materials
Reestablishes the California Department of Education’s authority to adopt new instructional materials in between their regularly scheduled adoptions every eight years.

AB 580 – Pupil mental health referral protocols
Requires the California Department of Education to develop model referral protocols for student mental health concerns, for voluntary use by schools.

AB 678 – Greenhouse gases: Energy Efficient Ports Program
This bill funds energy efficiency upgrades and investments at public seaports that help reduce the emission pollutants, toxic air contaminants, and greenhouse gases.

AB 827 – LGBTQ student resources
Requires the California Department of Education to assess whether schools have provided teachers of grades 7 to 12 information on existing schoolsite and community resources related to the support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning pupils.

AB 916 – Career technical education: student organizations: funding
The bill provides over $1 million of funding to career technical education student organizations.

AB 1011 – 110 Freeway terminus
Relinquishes a parcel of state owned land in the San Pedro area to the City of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation.

AB 1223 – Ambulance patient offload time
Requires the California Emergency Medical Service Authority, in consultation with stakeholders, to create a methodology for the calculation and reporting of ambulance patient offload times.

AB 1312Ballast water management
This bill provides more time for the development of technology to reduce invasive species in ship ballast water before the final implementation of regulation by the State Lands Commission.

AB 1491 – Prostitution
The bill allows judges to charge gang members with a felony when found guilty of supervising a prostitute.

AB 1657The California Green Port Funding Act
Provides the framework necessary to fund the enhancement of existing port infrastructure, enabling California ports to reduce emissions while also improving efficiency and promoting economic growth.

AB 1918Special Education Teacher Credentialing
Authorizes teachers at nonpublic schools, which provide specialized programs for students with disabilities, to obtain temporary teaching certificates while their credential applications are pending.

AB 2127Ethanol Fuel Content
Resolves a conflict between the definitions of ethanol/gasoline blended fuel in the tax code and the definition adopted by the California Air Resources Board

AB 2164Teacher Credentialing
Authorizes county offices of education to grant temporary teaching certificates to out-of-state credentialed teachers whose applications are in the approval process at the Commission Teacher Credentialing.

AB 2246Suicide Prevention Plans
Addresses the epidemic of youth suicide by requiring school districts to adopt policies to address suicide prevention and the needs of special high risk students.

AB 2350English Language Learners
Ensures that English learners have access to core curriculum courses needed for graduation and supports the implementation of California’s groundbreaking English Language Development standards.

AB 2401Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Funding
Restores ongoing state funding for the Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment program, a teacher induction program with a proven record of increasing teacher effectiveness and reducing attrition among beginning teachers.

AB 2537 – Inter-district Transfers
Removes the sunset on the law authorizing a pupil to attend school in the district where a parent or legal guardian works rather than in the district where he or she resides.

AB 2656Foster youth GED fees 
Prohibits a fee from being charged to foster, and former foster, youth for the high school proficiency exam and the high school equivalency test.

AB 2681California College Promise
stablishes the California College Promise Grant Program to provide planning grants to school districts and community college districts to establish College and Career Access Pathways partnerships.

AB 2785English learners with disabilities 
Requires the California Department of Education, in consultation with stakeholders, to develop a manual to guide educators in evidence-based methods of identifying, assessing, and serving English learners who may have disabilities.

AB 2862Visual and performing arts curriculum standards 
Authorizes the updating of California’s academic content standards in Visual and Performing Arts, ensuring that California students have access to modern curriculum, instruction, and instructional materials in the arts.

ACR 12 – Officer Robert Joe Mata and Officer Roberto C. Sanchez Memorial Highway
Designates a portion of State Highway Route 110 as the Officer Robert Joe Mata and Officer Roberto C. Sanchez Memorial Highway.

HR 36 Read Across America Day
Designates March 2nd as Read Across America Day and encourages all Californians to help foster an early love of reading in California’s children.

HR 37 – California Aerospace Days
Designates February 29th and March 1st as “California Aerospace Days” and recognizes the contributions of California’s aerospace industry.