2017-2018 Legislation

AB 37 – Media arts education standards
Establishes state teaching standards for instruction in media arts, allowing students to create, communicate, and design using new technology. Students of media arts learn valuable skills such as video production, online and mobile media design, sound engineering, multimedia live production, and virtual reality programming.

AB 169 – High Need Teacher Grant Program
Establishes the High Need Teacher Grant Program, which will award one-time grant funds of $20,000 to students in educator preparation programs if they commit to teach in a subject area especially impacted by the teacher shortage such as math, science, bilingual, or special education.

AB 170 – Teachers majoring in education
Removes the long-standing prohibition on elementary and middle school teachers earning their undergraduate degree in professional education, allowing universities to design education majors for prospective teachers.

AB 185 – District of Choice reform and extension
Extends the sunset date of the District of Choice program to July 1, 2020. This bill also implements critical changes to ensure that all students have the opportunity to transfer under this program.

AB 203 – School facilities streamlining
Requires the California Department of Education to ensure that standards for the design and construction of school facilities provide school districts with flexibility in the design of classrooms. This bill will also incorporate strategies to streamline the construction of schools. 

AB 235 – School district reserve cap
Exempts small school districts and basic aid districts from the cap on year end reserves that is applied in certain years. 

AB 312 – Special education funding equalization
Strengthens California’s support for students with disabilities by creating a state funding source for special education preschool services and addressing long-standing special education funding inequities

AB 348 – Deaf and hard of hearing education reform
Spot Bill 

AB 445 – CTE Grant Program (joint author with Jordan Cunningham)
Increases the funding for career technical education grants offered by the state to $300 million and  makes it easier for schools to apply for grant funds.

AB 485 – Ban the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits from animal mills
Promotes the adoption of animals from shelters and rescue groups and encourages humane practices in the purchase of dogs and cats offered for retail sale in California.

AB 591 – Lease-leaseback clean up
Requires county boards of education to comply with the same requirements as school districts for use of the lease-leaseback contracting method.

AB 610 – Victim notification
Establishes an outreach program to ensure victims and their families receive notification of their offender’s parole hearing or early release.

Classifies facilities that transform municipal solid waste as eligible renewable energy resources if the facilities operate at least 20 percent below pollutant concentration limits report its emissions to the local air district.

AB 699 – Keep ICE out of classrooms
Prohibits Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials from entering school grounds without permission from a principal or district superintendent, protects students from discrimination based on immigration status, and creates other protections and supports for immigrant students and their families.

AB 716 – Grants for magnet schools
Establishes a magnet school grant program to provide one-time funding to cover the costs of establishing magnet schools.

AB 834 – Office of School Health
Establishes an Office of School-Based Health programs within the California Department of Education to provide leadership and assistance to school districts offering health programs through public schools.

AB 1035 – SBAC interim assessment reporting
Requires that results from state interim assessments – which are taken periodically during the school year to measure students’ progress – be reported by the standards being assessed, so that teachers can focus their instruction on areas of high priority.

AB 1077 – Off Highway Vehicle Program
Eliminates the sunset on the Off Highway Vehicle Program, a program that provides designated recreation areas for use by off highway vehicles.

AB 1185 – Rental car GPS tracking
Reduces from one week to 24 hours the wait time for rental vehicle companies to use GPS to locate vehicles that are not returned as required in the rental agreement.

AB 1274 – Smog abatement fee 
Exempts motor vehicles that are eight or less model-years old from being inspected biennially upon renewal of registration. The bill also assess an annual smog abatement fee of $24 on motor vehicles that are 7 or 8 model years old, and requires the revenue derived from this fee be used to fund the Carl Moyer Air Quality Standards Attainment Program.

AB 1418 – City Prosecutor code clean up
Clarifies that several sections of code that refer to city attorneys that prosecute misdemeanors also refer to City Prosecutors

AB 1467 – Weekend college courses
Allows colleges that provide courses to high school students to provide those courses on the weekends.

AB 1533 – Long Beach College Promise sunset
Deletes the sunset on the Long Beach College Promise program.

AB 1743 – California Career Technical Education Incentive Grant Program
Extends the Career Technical Education Incentive Grant Program by three years and increases the allocation from $200 to $500 million per year. 

AB 1951 – Pupil assessments: Pathways to College Act
Provides local educational agencies the option to administer a nationally recognized high school assessment (e.g., SAT or ACT) in place of the state-required Smarter Balanced assessments to 11th grade students. 

AB 2031 – Public contracts: school facility projects: bidding requirements
Eliminates the sunset requiring school districts seeking state school bond funds to prequalify contractors and major subcontractors for projects over $1 million.

AB 2191 – Board of Behavioral Science
Directs the Ocean Protection Council to develop and implement the White Shark Population Monitoring and Beach Safety Program, which would award grants to academic institutions and local agencies working on shark research or conducting public safety operations regarding sharks along California’s beaches.

AB 2285 – Teacher credentialing: out-of-state prepared teachers: clear credential
liminates the double standard and streamlines the credential process for prepared, out-of-state teachers. Eliminates the inconsistent requirement for out-of-state teachers to earn a master's degree or demonstrate 150 clock hours of professional development in order to earn a Clear Credential in California.

AB 2404 – Oil Trust Fund
Removes the $300 million cap on the Oil Trust Fund within the State Treasury. The Oil Trust Fund is the primary funding source to cover certain costs associated with the future abandonment of oil wells within the Long Beach tidelands.

AB 2445 – Public health: retail sale of dogs and cats
Reconfigures the existing consumer protection and warranty provisions pet stores must follow to ensure consistency with the new sales model established by last year’s AB 485.

AB 2735 – English learners: participation in standard instructional program
Addresses the achievement gap between California’s English learners and their peers by ensuring that English learners have access to core curriculum courses needed for success in school.

AB 2591 – Acute care hospitals: seismic safety
Extends from 2020 to 2025 the deadline for the Community Hospital of Long Beach to meet seismic compliance.

AB 2763 – English language education: English learners: observation protocol
Requires the California Department of Education to develop a standardized protocol for teachers to use in evaluating an English learner’s proficiency in English when determining whether to reclassify a student as fully English proficient. 

AB 2783 – Controlled substances: schedules
Clarifies that in the event of any conflict between state and federal controlled substance schedules, prescribers and dispensers of controlled substances shall comply with the schedule that more narrowly regulates the controlled substance in question.

AB 3222 – Public works: prevailing wages
Clarifies that the definition of a “public works” project includes charter school facilities funded by conduit revenue bonds.

ACR 170 – California Ports Day
Designates Wednesday, February 21, 2018, and every third Wednesday in February thereafter, as California Ports Day, and encourages Californians to learn about the tremendous benefits public ports bring to our state.

HR 16 – Read Across America Day
Designates March 2, 2017 as Read Across America Day.