2019 Bills

AB 48 – K-12 and Community College Facilities Bond
Places a K-12 and California Community Colleges facilities bond measure on the March 3, 2020 and November 8, 2022 statewide ballots.

AB 751 – Pathways to College Act
Provides local educational agencies the option to administer a nationally recognized high school assessment (e.g., SAT or ACT) in place of the state-required Smarter Balanced assessment to 11th grade students.

AB 821 – Port Efficiency Program
Establishes the California Port Efficiency Program to fund projects improving the velocity, throughput, and reliability of port operations.

AB 926 – Oil Trust Fund
Removes the $300 million cap on the Oil Trust Fund within the State Treasury. The Oil Trust Fund is the primary funding source to cover certain costs associated with the cleanup of oil wells within the Long Beach tidelands when they cease operation.

AB 1014 – Hospital Closure Notice Requirements
Requires hospitals and health facilities to provide a 180-day public notice before closing or eliminating services.  This will provide patients, residents, and community leaders with adequate notice to prepare for, and respond to, a closure or reduction in services.

AB 1098 – Prop 64 Funding Oversight and Accountability
Provides a framework for accountability and legislative oversight of funds allocated to the “Youth Education, Prevention, Early Intervention, and Treatment Account” created by the legalization of recreational cannabis in California.

AB 1126 – Mental Health Services for Students
Facilitates the delivery of mental health services, including to children and youth, through the support of innovative partnerships between local agencies.

AB 1173 – CSU Center to Close the Achievement Gap
Establishes the Center to Close the Achievement Gap at a California State University campus.  The Center will work with teacher preparation programs and provide resources to local educational agencies on evidenced-based strategies for closing the achievement gap.

AB 1195 – Low-Carbon Fuel Standard
Requires the California Air Resources Board to allow oil and gas companies to generate an innovative production method credit under the Low-Carbon Fuel Standard for using renewable natural gas to displace their existing use of natural gas.

AB 1262 – Funding for Clean Transportation
Annually allocates revenue from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to the California Air Resources Board for the California Clean Truck, Bus, and Off-Road Vehicle and Equipment Technology Program. This program funds zero- and near-zero-emission truck, bus, and off-road vehicle and equipment technologies.

AB 1303 – Career Technical Education Funding
Increases funding for the Career Technical Education Incentive Grant Program and consolidates K-12 Career Technical Education (CTE) programs in one program. The bill would provide ongoing funding of $450 million per year as well as additional funding for regional CTE coordinators to provide technical assistance and support to local CTE providers.

AB 1362 – Community Choice Aggregator: Code of Conduct
Requires the Public Utilities Commission to ensure that local government entities have full access to accurate information on the short- and long-term costs, benefits, and risks associated with the implementation of a community choice aggregation program.

AB 1384 – Construction and Rehabilitation Loans
Increases from $2.5 million to $4.5 million the cap on loans mortgage brokers may secure for construction and rehabilitation projects.

AB 1406 – Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Technology Program: Fuel Neutrality
Requires the California Energy Commission, when allocating funds in the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program, to allocate no less than 20 percent of the funds to biofuels production and infrastructure, and no less than 25 percent to alternative fuel vehicle incentives.

AB 1452 – CalSTRS Membership Eligibility
Specifies that the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) membership start date for eligible part-time employees is their first day of employment and makes clarifying technical changes to the eligibility requirements of the Defined Benefit and Cash Balance Benefit programs.

AB 1495 – Community Hospital Seismic Standards
Clarifies existing planning requirements hospitals must meet in order to obtain a seismic compliance extension. This bill is intended to ensure the Community Hospital of Long Beach is eligible for a seismic compliance extension granted under current law.

AB 1505 – Charter School Authorization, Appeals and Renewal
Makes a number of reforms to the charter school authorization, appeals and renewal processes.  Ensures that charter schools are authorized and overseen by school districts and county offices of education.  Allows school districts to consider any negative financial, academic and facilities impact that a charter may have on neighborhood schools, a school district or county office of education.

AB 1549 – Catalina Island Deer Management
Directs the Department of Fish and Wildlife to report to the Legislature, by January 1, 2022, on the status of the deer population on Santa Catalina Island and what methods the Department would recommend for managing that population at an appropriate level.

AB 1575 – Intermodal Chassis Inspection and Repair
Requires, instead of authorizes, ocean marine terminals to conduct an intermodal roadability inspection program for intermodal chassis and makes various changes to existing program requirements. This bill seeks to ensure all chassis on California marine terminals are inspected, maintained, and repaired on a consistent and frequent basis.

AB 1613 – Public Works: Prevailing Wages
Clarifies that a charter school construction project funded by conduit revenue bonds is a “public works” project and subject to prevailing wage requirements.

AB 1694 – San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy Territory Expansion
Expands the territory of the San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy to include the Dominguez Channel watershed and Santa Catalina Island.

HR 24 – School Bus Driver Day
Recognizes April 23rd as School Bus Driver Day and commends schoolbus drivers for their continued and excellent services to the youth of the State of California.

HR 28 – Cambodian Genocide Memorial Week
Recognizes the week of April 15 through April 19, 2019 as Cambodian Genocide Memorial Week, and calls upon all Californians to remember those who lost their lives in Cambodia and in genocides around the world as well as honor the survivors and their descendants for their courage and contributions to our state and country.