2021-2022 Bills


AB 75 – Kindergarten - Community Colleges Public Facilities Bond Act of 2022
Places a K-12 and California Community Colleges facilities bond measure on an unspecified statewide ballot in the year 2022.

AB 78 – San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy territory expansion
Expands the territory of the San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy to include the Dominguez Channel Watershed and Santa Catalina Island.

AB 96 – Zero- and Near-Zero-Emissions Heavy Duty Vehicles
Extends, until December 31, 2026, the sunset date for the California Clean Truck, Bus, and Off-Road Vehicle and Equipment Technology Program’s twenty percent funding set aside for the early commercial deployment of existing zero- and near-zero emissions heavy-duty truck technologies.

AB 306 – School districts and community college districts: employee housing
Clarifies that school district and community college construction projects specifically for teacher and district employee residential housing do not require review by the Division of State Architect.

AB 353 – Oil Trust Fund
Removes the $300 million cap on the Oil Trust Fund within the State Treasury. The Oil Trust Fund is the primary funding source to cover certain costs associated with the cleanup of oil wells within the Long Beach tidelands when they cease operation.

AB 365 – Clean drayage truck sales and use tax exemption
Exempts the purchase of new and used zero- and near-zero-emission drayage trucks from the state sales and use tax.

AB 376 – Arts and crafts workshops serving complimentary beer and wine
Allows limited complimentary service of wine or beer at an arts and crafts workshop if certain requirements are met.

AB 544 – School facilities inventory
Requires school districts, county offices of education, and charter schools to report to the California Department of Education each school facility they own or lease so that basic facility information may be available to governmental agencies during emergency response-related activities, such as evacuations.

AB 586 – School-based mental health
Establishes a pilot program to expand comprehensive mental health services to students by providing intensive technical support to local educational agencies to build the capacity for long-term sustainability by leveraging multiple sources of funding.

AB 839 – Career technical education
Provides an additional $150 million per year for the Career Technical Education (CTE) Incentive Grant program to support the college and career readiness of students and meet the state’s workforce needs. Makes additional changes to the funding allocation model to ensure equity and to maintain the sustainability of high quality CTE programs.

AB 883 – Student mental health
Directs counties to consider funding early intervention services for youth and school-based services in allocating Proposition 63 mental health reversion funds.

AB 902 – Design-build contracting
Authorizes a school district using the design-build contracting method to weigh the proposing design-build entity’s design cost, general conditions, overhead, and profit as a component of the project price.

AB 1172 – Escrow accounting practices
Exempts escrow agent licensees from certain national accounting requirements and instead provides an alternative 3rd party audit process to ensure licensees are operating with financial stability.

AB 1248 – Lease-leaseback contracting
Extends, until July 1, 2027, the sunset on provisions of law allowing the use of lease-leaseback contracting for school construction projects.

AB 1316 – Non-classroom based charter school & independent study
Makes several reforms to curtail cases of fraud and abuse in independent study programs and non-classroom based charter schools.

AB 1463 – Low Carbon Fuel Standard credits
Expands the Low Carbon Fuel Standard market to include oil producers who use Renewable Natural Gas in their oil field operations. The will reduce methane emissions by expanding the use of renewable fuel in place of conventional natural gas.

AB 1524 – Project 800
Codifies the California Air Resources Board’s Project 800 initiative, which will support the deployment of 800 zero-emission drayage trucks at California’s ports.

AB 1531 – Carbon Dioxide Pipeline Safety
Expands the State Fire Marshal’s authority to regulate intrastate pipelines by revising the definition of “pipeline” under the Elder California Pipeline Safety Act of 1981 to include those used for the transportation of carbon dioxide.

AB 1553 – Conservation Corp Caltrans contracting
Authorizes Caltrans to directly contract with local conservation corps to perform certain roadside maintenance projects and directs them to create a pilot program to contract with local conservation corps to maintain properties Caltrans owns in the City of Long Beach and the County of Santa Clara.

AB 1559 – Innovative Renewable Energy for Buildings Act of 2021
Establishes a program to provide financial incentives to producers of renewable propane, including blends with renewable hydrogen or renewable dimethyl ether, for use in the building sector.

ACR 36 – Career technical education occupational programs and centers
Commemorates California’s regional occupational centers and programs for over 50 years of service to students, industry, and communities.

ACR 68 – Student Mental Health Week
Declares the week of May 10, 2021, to May 14, 2021, inclusive, as Student Mental Health Week.

AJR 2 – Catalina DDT Waste Clean-up
Calls for the clean-up of the DDT toxic waste site in the waters to the north of Catalina Island.

HR 32 – Cambodian Genocide Memorial Week
Recognizes the week of April 11 through April 17, 2021 as Cambodian Genocide Memorial Week, and calls upon all Californians to remember those who lost their lives in Cambodia and in genocides around the world as well as honor the survivors and their descendants for their courage and contributions to our state and country.