2021-2022 Bills

AB 75 – Kindergarten - Community Colleges Public Facilities Bond Act of 2022
Places a K-12 through California Community Colleges facilities bond measure on the 2022 statewide ballot.

AB 78 – San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy territory expansion
Expands the territory of the San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy to include the Dominguez Channel Watershed and Santa Catalina Island.

AB 96 – Zero- and Near-Zero-Emissions Heavy Duty Vehicles
Extends, until December 31, 2026, the sunset date for the California Clean Truck, Bus, and Off-Road Vehicle and Equipment Technology Program’s twenty percent funding set aside for the early commercial deployment of existing zero- and near-zero emissions heavy-duty truck technologies.

AB 306 – School districts and community college districts: employee housing
Clarifies that school district and community college construction projects specifically for teacher and district employee residential housing do not require review by the Division of State Architect.

AB 353 – Oil Trust Fund
Removes the $300 million cap on the Oil Trust Fund within the State Treasury. The Oil Trust Fund is the primary funding source to cover certain costs associated with the cleanup of oil wells within the Long Beach tidelands when they cease operation.

AB 365 – Clean drayage truck sales and use tax exemption
Exempts the purchase of new and used zero- and near-zero-emission drayage trucks from the state sales and use tax.

AB 376 – Arts and crafts workshops serving complimentary beer and wine
Allows limited complimentary service of wine or beer at an arts and crafts workshop if certain requirements are met.

AB 544 – School facilities inventory
Requires school districts, county offices of education, and charter schools to report to the California Department of Education each school facility they own or lease so that basic facility information may be available to governmental agencies during emergency response-related activities, such as evacuations.

AJR 2 – Catalina DDT Waste Clean-up
Calls upon Congress and the US Environmental Protection Agency to clean-up of the DDT toxic waste site in the waters north of Catalina Island.