Assemblymember O'Donnell Introduces Legislation to Drive Down Suicide Rates among Children and Young Adults

(SACRAMENTO) – Today, Assemblymember Patrick O'Donnell (D – Long Beach) introduced AB 2246 requiring local school districts to adopt a suicide prevention plan. The bill is supported by Equality California and The Trevor Project, organizations dedicated to achieving equality, acceptance, and social justice.

"Our kids spend so much of their day in school that teachers serve as the first line of defense when a child is suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts," said Assemblymember O'Donnell. "AB 2246 protects students going through difficult economic, physical or social challenges by ensuring teachers are trained to identify warning signs."

Assemblymember O’Donnell Co-Authors Bill that Shines a Light on the Coastal Commission

(SACRAMENTO) – Today, Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell (D – Long Beach) co-authored AB 2002, requiring those who lobby the California Coastal Commission to register as lobbyists and disclose their clients.

“The Coastal Commission makes hundreds of decisions every year that impact California’s iconic coastline.  Pouring sunshine on the Commission protects the integrity of the Coastal Act,” said Assemblymember O’Donnell.  “Disclosing who pays to influence commissioners will make the Commission more transparent and accountable to the public.”

Assemblymember O’Donnell Calls on CSU Administration to Provide Equitable Compensation for Faculty Members

(LONG BEACH) – Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell (D-Long Beach) issued the following statement today in support of California State University faculty members seeking to negotiate a 5 percent pay increase.

“Maintaining California’s reputation as a global leader in higher education can only be achieved by attracting and retaining talented faculty for our campuses.  As a teacher and Chair of the Assembly Education Committee, I stand in strong support of the ‘Fight for Five’ campaign to ensure California’s students are mentored by the best and brightest. California needs one million more college degrees by 2030 and we cannot reach that goal without the dedicated faculty of the CSU.”

Assemblymember O'Donnell Condemns the California Coastal Commission's Decision to Terminate Its Executive Director

(LONG BEACH) – Assemblymember Patrick O'Donnell (D-Long Beach) issued the following statement today in response to the California Coastal Commission's 7-5 vote to dismiss its Executive Director, Dr. Charles Lester.

"I am deeply disappointed by the Coastal Commission's decision to fire Dr. Charles Lester.  His termination represents a tremendous loss for California's majestic coastline.  Open access to our state's beautiful beaches and wetlands depends upon proper enforcement of the Coastal Act.  As an Assemblymember representing a coastal district, I want to thank all the individuals who engaged and stood with Dr. Lester and our environment."

Assemblymember O’Donnell Calls for Applications for Prestigious Capital State Fellowships

(LONG BEACH) – Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell (D-Long Beach) encourages political and public policy enthusiasts to apply for the prestigious Capital Fellows Programs. The Jesse Marvin Unruh Assembly Fellowship, the California Senate Fellows, the Executive Fellowship and the Judicial Administration Fellowship all have application deadlines of February 8, 2016.

“The fellowship program is a unique opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of the California Legislature,” said Assemblymember O’Donnell, who is an alumnus of the Assembly Fellowship program.  “One of the most amazing aspects of the fellowship is the diverse field of candidates it attracts. Take me for example, as a school teacher I applied and was accepted into the program.  As a fellow, I saw firsthand how the policy that shapes the classroom was crafted, debated, and established.”

Assemblymember O’Donnell Introduces Legislation Tackling Port Pollution

(SACRAMENTO) – Today, Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell (D – Long Beach) introduced AB 1657, which dedicates state Cap-and-Trade revenues to projects that make California’s ports greener and more energy efficient. The goal of the legislation is to fund equipment and infrastructure upgrades that help transition the state’s ports to renewable technologies.

Maritime industry is comprised of the ships, trucks, and cargo handling equipment contributing significant amounts to California’s overall levels of greenhouse gas (GHG) production. The twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are cited by the Southern California Air Quality Management District as the single largest source of air pollution in the region, though great strides have been made to improve the air quality.