Join the Movement and Help End Cruel Animal Breeding Mills!

Support Assembly Bill 485, an effort by Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell to promote pet adoption and end the sale of animals from puppy mills, kitten factories and bunny bundlers contributing to pet overpopulation.

Pet Rescue and Adoption Act Passes the State Assembly (6/1/2017)

Pet Rescue and Adoption Act Saves Animal Lives, Millions of Dollars (5/24/2017)


O’Donnell Pet Rescue and Adoption Act Passes Committee (4/27/2017)

AB 485 In The News:

>6/12/17: California could become first state to ban stores that sell commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits

>6/5/17: OP-ED: Pet Store Operators, Dogs, Cats and Rabbits Bill, Passes Assembly and Heads to Senate

>6/1/17: California Is One Step Closer to Becoming First State to Ban Puppy Mills

>5/31/17: Where will pets stores get dogs and cats if California bill passes?

>5/31/17: California Pet Shops Could Soon Be Required To Sell Only Rescue Animals

>5/31/17: Puppy Mill Ban Passes The California Assembly

>5/31/17: California State Assembly bill would ban pet stores from doing business with puppy mills

>5/30/17: California May Require Pet Shops Sell Only Rescue Dogs, Cats

>4/21/17: Lawmaker wants California pet stores to only sell rescue animals

>4/14/17: Celebrities Take Action For Animals To Support The Pet Rescue And Adoption Act; Prompted Social Media Storm 

>3/24/17: Fighting for our furry friends

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Letter of support:

Dear Assemblymember O’Donnell,

Support Assembly Bill 485I am pleased to write in support of your bill, AB 485, which promotes the adoption of animals from shelters and rescue groups, and encourages humane practices in the purchase of dogs, cats and rabbits offered for retail sale in California.

California taxpayers spend a quarter of a billion dollars annually to house and kill animals in local shelters while puppy mills, kitten factories and bunny bundlers throughout the country continue to cruelly mass breed animals for profit. AB 485 curtails these operations by supporting access to pet adoption and prohibiting the sale of animals sourced from unethical breeders at retail pet stores.

By offering animals for adoption from nearby shelters, pet stores can save the lives of animals in search of a loving home, save the breeding animals trapped in animal mills, and relieve pressure on county budgets and local tax payers. For these reasons, I support AB 485.

Thank you for your effort in authoring and driving this measure forward.

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