Fighting to Protect Education Funding

For immediate release:

State Legislature's Budget Shields Schools from Cuts

As you may be aware, due to the COVID-19 crisis, the state budget went from a surplus of $6 billion in January to an estimated $54 billion shortfall in May. As a parent, teacher and Chair of the Assembly Education Committee, I am happy to report that despite the challenges, the budget proposed by the State Legislature protects funding for our public schools and colleges. Highlights:


  • Provides a small increase to schools through the local control funding formula
  • Provides additional funds to help school districts support students as a result of school closures, including learning loss, distance learning, technology, meals and other measures for re-opening schools
  • Protects funding for vocational education/career technical education programs
  • Protects funding for after school programs and preschools
  • Provides additional funds for special education

Higher Education:

Next Steps:

After negotiations with the Governor, a final budget will be adopted by the State Legislature on June 15th.

I will continue to advocate for our students, teachers and schools as our state and community start to rebound from the closures. Please contact my District Office at (562) 429-0470 if you need state-level assistance.